Vendor Responsibilities and Code of Conduct


The Constance Bay Community Market (CBCM) is managed and operated by a group of caring and committed volunteers. CBCM volunteers do not profit from the work they do other than growing relationships, having fun, and gaining satisfaction for supporting the community.

The CBCM has established vendor responsibilities and a code of conduct to ensure that the market meets the objectives of all the stakeholders: visitors to the market, fellow vendors, volunteers, board of directors, market manager,  Constance & Buckham's Bay Community Association, City of Ottawa, and Farmers' Markets Ontario.

Vendor Responsibilities 

The CBCM aims to support its vendors in an environment of mutual respect through dialogue, mentorship, and access to resource material.

Vendors are expected to follow their responsibilities as outlined in the guidelines and requirements on the following pages:

The CBCM Board and Market Manager will implement and enforce all vendor responsibilities pertaining to the operation the market in a fair and equitable manner. If vendors fail to adhere to a responsibility they will be asked to make the appropriate corrections.

The CBCM Board reserves the right to suspend a vendor’s participation in its markets after reoccurring or multiple failures.

Vendor Code of Conduct

The CBCM is a welcomed guest of The Constance & Buckham's Bay Community Association. Vendors are expected to help to cultivate a community of mutual respect by being considerate of our host and by treating the Northwind Wireless Fibe Centre grounds and facilities with care.

The CBCM has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, abusive language and threats. Questions and debate are encouraged. Always assume positive intent and engage with kindness. CBCM vendors are expected to treat CBCM volunteers, other vendors, and visitors with respect at all times.

Vendors who violate the code of conduct will be removed from the CBCM immediately and without warning.

Issues, Concerns or Grievances

Should a vendor feel that their rights as a member of CBCM have been violated, or feel that another vendor or someone else has acted outside their authority with the CBCM or in a way that harms the CBCM as a whole, the issue, concern, or grievance must be directed to the Market Manager, who will attempt to resolve the situation. If the situation cannot be resolved by the Market Manager, the vendor will be requested to submit a detailed letter of concern or complaint to the Board. The Board has authority to make the final decision on the outcome of the issue, concern, or grievance.