Bath & Body Product Labelling

Vendors who offer bath & body products for sale at the CBCM are expected to know how the Government of Canada's regulatory requirements for cosmetics affect their products.

The CBCM requires vendors to label all bath & body products.  Each and every bath & body item must include a label that includes the following information:

  • Vendor name
  • Vendor contact info (email, phone and/or address)
  • Common name of the product
  • Ingredients
  • Storage instructions (if applicable)
  • Date the product was prepared

Process for Products Sold Online and in Cheer Boxes


Vendors must submit a photo or digital copy of their pre-packaged food product label upon being accepted for sale in the online shop and inclusion in Cheer Boxes. 

Notes for Label Submission:

  • Vendors may need to create and submit the text for their label before they make the actual product
  • Note that the focus for approval is that the label includes all of the required information – the design of the label, logos, etc. is not a concern
  • The final product label can look different as long as it has the required information and is easy to read


When vendors drop off the products for Cheer Box and/or shop orders pick-up, the labels will be inspected to ensure all of the required information is included.

If labels are present but missing some information the vendor must either:

  • legibly hand write the missing information on the existing label


  • legibly hand write & apply new/supplementary labels before the product is accepted

If labels are missing entirely the vendor must legibly hand write labels and apply them to the product before the product is accepted.

If a vendor repeatedly fails to comply with the food labelling regulations the vendor will no longer be able to sell food products through the CBCM.