In-Person Market Operations


Volunteers working for the Constance Bay Community Market (CBCM) have full time jobs, families, side-businesses, and other volunteer commitments. Vendor feedback and questions are important to the CBCM. However, please note that since the CBCM is a volunteer-run organization and like our vendors, CBCM volunteers are busy people, there may be delays in response times.

Set-Up and Tear Down

  1. Vendors are requested to check in each market day with the Market Manager or delegate.
  2. Vendors may begin set-up no earlier than 90 minutes prior to market opening and no later than 30 minutes prior to market opening.
  3. Complete set-up and product displays must be ready by the time the market opens.
  4. Late arrivals can be a safety issue and cause disruption. The Market Manager, at her discretion, may deny vendors from setting up and selling if they have not arrived by 30 minutes prior to market opening.
  5. No sales are to be made prior to the ringing of the opening bell.
  6. Vendors must keep their stalls open for the entire market day, and may not begin tear-down before the closing bell, even if sold out.
  7. If all products are sold out, the vendor may vacate the stall but must leave a sign.
  8. If the vendor must leave early because of exceptional circumstances he/she must notify the Market Manager.
  9. Tear-down must begin only after the ringing of the closing bell.

Unloading and Parking

  1. Vendors may park temporarily in the designated unloading/loading zone during set-up and tear-down.
  2. Vendors must turn their vehicles off while unloading and loading.
  3. Vendors must move their vehicles to the vendor parking area no later than 15 minutes prior to market opening, leaving prime parking spots clear for customer parking.

Stall and Signage

  1. Vendors are responsible for providing their own equipment and supplies including tents, tables, chairs, table coverings, etc. for outdoor markets.
  2. Tables and chairs are provided for indoor markets.
  3. Vendors are responsible for their own set-up and tear-down.
  4. Stalls should have an attractive and professional appearance, and be kept neat and clean.
  5. Storage containers and equipment are to be confined to the vendor’s stall space and be kept out of sight.
  6. The Market Manager or delegate may ask that unsightly or unsafe materials be removed.
  7. Vendors are encouraged to display a sign bearing their business name.
  8. The use of generators is not permitted.
  9. Tents, canopies and shelters must be secured with heavy anchor weights at all times. Unsecured tents, shelters and canopies are not permitted.

Food Safety

It is imperative that staff and vendors serving processed or food concession products follow the food safety guidelines outlined on our Food Safety Requirements page. 

Vendors who fail to follow the food safety guidelines will be asked to rectify the situation immediately, and if they are unable to do so, will be required to suspend service until such time as they are able to comply with these guidelines.

Food Labelling

Any vendor selling pre-packaged foods must comply with Pre-Packaged Food Product Safety, Measurement, Packaging, and Labelling Requirements.


  1. The use of styrofoam is prohibited.
  2. The use of environmentally friendly, compostable, or biodegradable packaging and cutlery is encouraged.
  3. In our efforts to reduce waste, the CBCM will encourage patrons to bring reusable bags, and their own dishware and cutlery.


  1. Stalls must be kept free from garbage.
  2. At the end of the day, all garbage for removal must be placed in the bins provided or taken with the vendor. No garbage is to be left behind.
  3. A green bin and recycling bins are available on site during market hours. Vendors are encouraged to compost any food waste in the green bin and to place recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, glass or cans in the appropriate recycling bins.


Vendors are prohibited from bringing pets to the market however service animals are welcome.


Smoking is prohibited at all times including during set-up and tear-down.


As an outdoor market, the CBCM operates rain or shine and in a wide temperature range. Vendors must be prepared to experience all types of weather. Markets proceed as scheduled, regardless of weather, except in the event of severe weather. For details on what to do if severe weather occurs see < to come >

Refunds for stall fees will not be issued for cancelled markets or early closures due to severe weather. If a vendor is scheduled to attend a market and chooses not to attend due to forecasted weather, no refund will be issued.


The CBCM carries basic public liability and property damage insurance through Farmers’ Markets Ontario, where all vendors (excluding wineries) are covered for any bodily injury or property damage to third parties that occurs during the market’s operation. Any additional insurance coverage is the responsibility of the vendor. CBCM bears no responsibility for any vendor property at the market.


The CBCM encourages vendors to promote the market. Reaching more people is key to fulfilling our vision of becoming a self-sustaining, regularly occurring, social destination that recognizes and meets the growing needs of the community. As we work towards this goal, it is critically important that we all present a consistent brand identity and message, in our images and wording, when we communicate about the CBCM. For details on promoting the CBCM see: < to come >