Volunteer Crews

There are several types of volunteer opportunities available at the CBCM. Volunteers can participate in market day activities, operations & planning activities between markets, or both.


  • Mark stall spaces
  • Set up and tear down market tents & tables
  • Set up “market cafe”
  • Retrieve stall markers/flags
  • Check that vendor tents are properly staked down
  • Set up and tear down of dog watering station


  • Set up and tear down of hand washing station
  • Set up and removal of garbage, recycling and compost bins
  • Check that food concession vendors have appropriate hand washing stations
  • Periodic checks of of portable toilet for cleanliness and adequate supplies
  • Periodic checks of market tables and grounds for cleanliness
  • Audit food vendors against food handling guidelines
  • Ensure vendors and visitors follow appropriate procedures in the event of severe weather


  • Direct vendors to their stalls
  • Help vendors set up and tear down their tents and tables
  • Check in with vendors periodically throughout the day to answer questions
  • Plan and facilitate activities for children
  • Greet visitors
  • Encourage visitors to enter market sponsored draws
  • Help visitors find the products / vendors they need
  • Provide value-added services to shoppers (e.g. select and print recipes, craft ideas, gift guides to give to shoppers)
  • Count market visitors
  • Conduct surveys of market visitors


  • Grind and weigh coffee beans prior to market day
  • Ensure adequate supplies (cream, sugar, ice, cups, stir sticks)
  • Monitor coffee levels and brew coffee as needed
  • Sell brewed coffee to visitors
  • Tell visitors about coffee specials
  • Inform visitors about the types of coffee offered and make suggestions based on their preferences
  • Sell other fundraising items as needed
  • Track sales of coffee beans, brewed coffee, and other items
  • Count float before / after market
  • Clean coffee equipment


  • Place road signs prior to markets; remove road signs after markets
  • Create posters, flyers, and other promotional material
  • Distribute / post promotional material in the community
  • Maintain the CBCM website & Facebook page
  • Create content for social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, articles for website and local publications
  • Engage the community on our Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Take photos and record videos on market days
  • Facebook / Instagram live streams on market days
  • Propose and implement ideas for broadening the reach of the CBCM