Online Shop Terms & Conditions

Managing the Shop

Volunteers from the CBCM are authorized make any changes in the online shop. Changes may include, but are not limited to: updating vendor product listings, editing product descriptions, deleting products, removing/adding/editing images, and revoking access to the shop. The CBCM will attempt to provide notice and explanation for any changes made however, vendors should not expect to receive notice or explanation of changes either prior to or after changes have been made. 

Keeping the Shop Secure

The credentials vendors are provided to sign in to the online shop are shared by multiple vendors. To maintain security, vendors must:

  1. provide IP addresses so any unauthorized access to the shop can be detected
  2. keep the shop sign-in credentials secure and not share them with anyone
  3. never change the password for the shop
  4. only ever edit/update their own product listings

Respecting Copyright

The CBCM can be held responsible for copyright infringement on its website, so you must have the right to use any images you include in your product listings. This means one of the following must be true:

  1. you've created or photographed the image yourself,
  2. you've obtained the image from a free or paid stock photo site and have a license to use it, or
  3. you've entered into a licensing agreement with the party who holds the right to the image

Images found through Google search are almost always copyrighted -- you cannot use them on your product listings without express permission from the copyright holder. Providing image credit is not sufficient to avoid copyright infringement unless you this agreement from the rights holder.

The CBCM will remove any images it believes infringe copyright.