Market Stall Size, Allocation, and Considerations

Outdoor Markets

Stalls are 12’ x 12’ in size. Vendors bring their own tables and chairs. Stall spaces are assigned taking into consideration product category and its compatibility with products of nearby vendors, special requirements such as accessibility and sun exposure, and traffic flow.

Indoor Markets

Stall spaces generally consist of a 6 foot table and two chairs which are provided to vendors. Stall layout depends on many factors.

Vendor Stall Requirements

Multiple Stalls: Vendors may request more than one stall, if required and available, paying full fees for each stall.

Stall Sharing: Vendors must gain approval from the Board to share a single stall. The board reserves the right to limit the number of shared stalls. Shared stalls may be subject to an additional fee.

Accessibility: Vendors with disabilities may request specific stall location requirements and every effort will be made to accommodate these requirements. While the requirements above are expected to accommodate most vendor needs, the CBCM will work with vendors to meet any additional needs.