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A few years ago, a couple of neighbours - Angela and Angela, embarked on an eco-friendly adventure that literally created a buzz in the community. They became beekeepers!

The goal was to create the perfect environment to ensure the success and viability of these important pollinators. They started with a couple of hives and then proceeded to cultivate a large vegetable garden for them to live, made possible with the help of a few good folks in the neighbourhood. Given that the plot of land that the bees and garden reside on is fondly referred to as Moe’s, it was only fitting to call the business … Mo’ Honey!

This small batch harvest from Dunrobin Shores is borne from a variety of nectar - everything from apple blossoms, clover, wildflower, basswood and buckwheat – resulting in a local delectable honey that is packed with beneficial enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. In keeping with their principles of health, survival and wellbeing of their little friends; they strive to adhere to the highest standards of beekeeping as well as harvesting responsibly ensuring the sustainability of the bees.

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