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Our story starts with two friends. These two friends instantly bonded in first year over their love for polaroid pictures, red wine, political debates and international development. Three years and an innocent fourth year project later, Soap2Hope was created in a 20 page report and a sleek presentation. However, years after graduating, we couldn't seem to shake that drive of making it a reality.

A couple years later, I found myself trekking through the rugged landscape of Zambia where I stumbled upon a small village called Mukuni. The people won my heart and their resilience inspired me. Yet, while I was visiting, the absence of sufficient water and access to safe sanitation became apparent. Water is a basic building block to success!

When I returned home, we started to envision how our seminar brain child could really make a difference. We wanted to help villages like Mukuni gain access to these integral building blocks.

Now with a few new friends and partners, a kitchen converted into a soapmaking workshop and that same passion we had back in university, here we are now, bringing Copper Root Collective to you!  

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